About Us

Incorporated back in 1994, as a small family enterprise, it began its journey. Since 1999 VADIMPEX started focusing and specializing in international mobile communications and telecommunications. Through these 27 years, which have gone by full of successes, grew into a company having a clientele and operations worldwide.

Over the last several years, Vadimpex have developed into a reliable wholesaler for all the known brands and big names of mobile communications products.

The company headquarters are located only 30km south of Vienna with an office complex, including a storage area of 400m².

Logistics processes and technical know-how are always optimized to achieve the best results.

Partnering directly with manufacturers, Vadimpex is qualified to receive on release dates, in-stock the newest models first and at competitive prices.

Our company's primary direction is the export-import of all cell telephones, tablets, smart watches and other electronic devices.

Our qualified personnel are young, characterized by efficiency, high responsibility, and attention to our client’s inquiries.